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"Danish GeoSites"
Print date: Saturday, October 19 2019 - 12:40
Page last modified: Dec. 25, 2006
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Entry to descriptions of GeoSites in Denmark

Welcome to GeoSites in Denmark


Photo: Ole Malling, Rubjerg, Sand dune over the top of the glacially dislocated sea cliff (Theme 4) at Loenstrup (GS no. 4-2)

This description of Danish sites of unique international geological and geomorphological scientific value is organised in themes. For some themes there are more main GeoSites (GS), and for some themes supplementary GeoSites are included to complement the theme.

The descriptions are final, except that photos will be added as they become available. It is the aim to illustrate all descriptions by one photo. It is also the aim to rectify any omissions or mistakes, and to add any new sites meeting the criteria at intervals. The revisions will be headed by the Danish National Committee of Geology.

The description of Danish GeoSites has been headed by the Geological Survey of Denmark as an input to the organisation ProGeo, organising the descriptions of GeoSites in Europe for the IUGS.

Velkommen til GeoSites

Beskrivelser af danske geologiske og geomorfologiske lokaliteter af international videnskabelig værdi. Beskrivelsen af GeoSites er et europæisk projekt, hvilket er grunden til at beskrivelserne er på engelsk.