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"Urhøje og Myrhøje Plantager"
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Urhøje and Myrhøje Plantations

Theme: Soils and Klimpers (wet sand dunes)  

Locality: Urhøje and Myrhøje
Description of  supplementary Danish GeoSites

Primary identification

1. GeoSite no.:
GS - 11-3.

2. National locality no.:
NGI -  25.

3. GeoSite name:
Urhøje plantation.

4. Location:
Denmark; Denmark; Northern Jutland.

5. Co-ordinates UTM:
System ED50 Zone 32, x=515781, y=6295600.

6. Type of locality:
Soil profiles.

Primary geological features

7. Main topic:

8. Geo(morpho)logy:
Inland dunes with a wide variety of podzols from weak podzols developed in recently deposited shifting sand to strongly developed podzols in older deposits. Several podzols may be found in a single profile or as drainage sequences.

9. Frame / context:

10. Chronostratigraphy:
South Scandinavian iron age to present time.

11. Primary value:
Grades and successions of podzols in aolian dune sand.

12. Comparative evaluation:
Urhøje plantation is a unique site in soil science for illustrating different stages of podzolization on sandy parent material.

13. Comparable GeoSites:
In Denmark: None (Similar locations exist in other inland dune areas in Jutland).

Supplementary data in support of the locality

gs_ovsigt_032.gif14. Delineation on a map:

15. Higth of the GeoSite:

16. Area of the GeoSite:
Not given.

17. Subordinate geological interests:

18. "Non"-geo interests:

19. References:
H. Breuning Madsen (1983): Himmerlands Jordbundsforhold. Folia Geographica Danica XVI, Reitzel, Copenhagen.

20. Data sources, collections:

21. Illustrations:

22. Proposers:
Dansk Geologisk Forening & Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab/H. Breuning-Madsen.

23. Description by:
Henrik Breuning-Madsen.

24. Recommandation:
Together the two hills constitute a GeoSite .


26. Supplementary description: