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"Danian strata and boundary to Selandian"
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Theme 2: Danian strata and boundary to Selandian

In Denmark the Danian strata are extraordinarily well developed. The variety of sedimentological facies include mounds and reefs, built up by the growth of bryozoans and corals, and arenitic lime debris. There are hiati and transitional bads at both the lower boundary to the Maastrichtian and the upper boundary to the Selandian.


Photo: Ole Malling, Danian strata (Danish Nature and Forestry Agency) 

In this theme there are 5 GeoSites

Three of the GeoSites are key localities for the Danian strata and its boundaries. The strata and lower boundary to the Maastrichtian is demonstrated by Stevns Klint (GS 2-1). The strata and upper boundary to the Selandian is exemplified by  (Klintholm, GS 2-2).  Faxe (GS 2-3) is the major reefal cmplex.

Supplementary GeoSites to Theme 2:
GeoSite Karlby Klint (GS 2-4) is supplementary to Stevns (GS 2-1) and GeoSite Svejstrup (GS 2-5) is supplementary to Klintholm (GS 2-2). At present there is no seperate description of Svejstrup. 

Note: Stevns is a key GeoSite within both Theme 1 and 2!