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"Glacially dislocated coastal cliffs"
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Theme 4: Glacially dislocated coastal cliffs

The surface geology of Denmark largely expreses the effects of glacial processes. Prominent among these features are hills resulting from glaciers pushing and stacking their substrate. Along the coasts many such hills are intersected and disclose their tectonically disturbed interiors.

Dislocated Chalk cliff, Moen.  
Photo: Dislocated Chalk cliff, Moen, by Ole Malling, SNS.

Four prominent and outstanding glacially dislocated coastal cliffs are chosen as GeoSites:

The main site in Eastern Denmark (Zealand) is the cliff of Moen (GS 4-1).
The main site in Northwestern Denmark (Jutland) is Loenstrup Klint (GS 4-2)

Supplementary GeoSites under Theme 3 are Ristinge Klint (GS 4-3) and Bovbjerg Klint (GS 4-4).

Note: The exposures in the Moclay Basin (Theme 3) are glacially dislocated as well.