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"Soils and klimpers (wet sand dunes)"
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Theme 11: Soils and klimpers (wet sand dunes)

The development of the Danish soils since the last glaciation has in many sand-dominated places been in competition with eroding wind. Due to circumferent erosion podsols holding rainwater lakes are in some places left in extraordinarely well developed flat topped hills. 


Photo: E. Nygaard  

Four GeoSites illustrate this theme

There is one main GeoSite:
Frøslev Plantage (GS 11-1)

There are three supplementary GeoSites to Theme 11:

Stensbæk Plantage (GS 11-2)
Urhøje and Myrhøje plantations (GS 11-3)
Hoverdal klitsø (GS 11-4)

Out of the three supplementary GeoSites it is only Urhøje and Myrhøje plantations that are described below.