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Theme: Climate archive  

Locality: Tøvelde
Description of a Danish GeoSite

Primary identification

1. GeoSite no.:
GS - 10-2.

2. National locality no.:
NGI - 176b.

3. GeoSite name:

4. Location:
Denmark; Møn.

5. Co-ordinates UTM:
System ED50 Zone 32, x=711764, y=6094200.

6. Type of locality:
Coastal cliff.

Primary geological features

7. Main topic:
Allerød Interstadial.

8. Geo(morpho)logy:
Series of small depressions with lacustrine deposits from the Oldest Dryas to Post glacial time. The sequence consists of up to 5 metres of lake sediments and peat, representing the change from an open meltwater lake to a bog. Especially the Allerød Interstadial beds are well developed. In these sediments 7 species of mammals have been found, as well as numerous species of freshwater fish, amphibians, molluscs, and snails.
The changes througt time in water level in the Baltic Basin can be correlated to variations in water level in the lacustrine basins.

9. Frame / context:
Palaeoclimate, Ecology, Sedimentology.

10. Chronostratigraphy:
Pleistocene (Latest Weichselian) to Holocene, in particular the Allerød Interstadial.

11. Primary value:
Detailed archive of the development of climate, flora, and fauna after melting of the Weichselian glaciers. The Allerød Interstadial in particular when the barren earth emerged in front of the melting glaciers during the latest Weichselian glaciation.
Through the Late to Post glacial period, an undisturbed sedimentary sequence has been deposited and preserved and thus may show the development of nature in Denmark and Northwest Europe during the last 14,000 years.

12. Comparative evaluation:
The Allerød Clay-pit in North Zealand (NGI - 149) which is the type locality for the Allerød Interstadial, but where the Allerød layers have now been removed.

13. Comparable GeoSites:
In Denmark: Åmosen, GS - 10-1.

Supplementary data in support of the locality

14. Delineation on a map:

15. Higth of the GeoSite:
5 m a. m. s. l.

16. Area of the GeoSite:
<1 km2.

17. Subordinate geological interests:

18. "Non"-geo interests:

19. References:
Heiberg, E. O. & Bennike, O., (1997): Late Quaternary rodents from the southwestern Baltic Sea. -Baltica, 10, s. 47-52.

20. Data sources, collections:

21. Illustrations:

22. Proposers:
Dansk Geologisk Forening & Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab.

23. Description by:
Compiled from various sources.

24. Recommandation:
Tøvelde is a GeoSite.

It must be consideret whether this is the best locality for illustrating the Allerød Interstadial.

26. Supplementary description:

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