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"Status and information"
Print date: Monday, July 6 2020 - 21:18
Page last modified: 7. november 2019
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Status and information


The Moclay localities (Theme 3) at the isle of Fur (Stolleklint and Knudeklint), GS 3-2, have been upgraded to GeoSites proper (in line with Hanklit, GS 3-1) after recommandation of the general assembly of the Dansk Geologisk Forening.

Corrections are being made to the Moclay basin and the Limestone columns. 

Minor corrections and additions are continuously beeing made. This includes uploading of photos
as they become available.

The 38 Danish GeoSites end Supplementary GeoSites have now been organised in themes and (largely) described . 
The selection is hereby finalized and published, and forwarded to the ProGeo (11-01-2007).
Figures and a number of details are still missing, but will be included as they become available.
A final public meeting has been held.
Minutes of the final meeting are given below (in Danish).

Other information

Future revisions will be decided upon by the Geological Society of Denmark, its board, general assemblage, or a meeting of members.

Comments and suggestions must be directed to Merete Binderup (mb@geus.dk).