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The descriptions of the 38 Danish GeoSites are organised in 12 themes:

1-   Cretaceous - Paleogene boundary
2-   Danian strata and boundary to Selandian
3-   Moclay basin
4-   Glacially dislocated coastal cliffs
5-   Holocene coastal development
6-   Macro vertebrates (whales)
7-   Coastal washover fans
8-   Techtonically controled Mesozoic coast
9-   Block techtonism
10- Climate archives
11- Soils and klimpers (wet sand dunes)
12- Limestone columns

All Danish GeoSites  

The locations of Danish GeoSites are shown on the map by the GeoSite numbers (GS-numbers).  The first ciffer is the Theme and the second the serial number within the Theme. The one or two first serial numbers within a Theme are the main GeoSites.

In the material presented here there are, in addition to the GeoSites, descriptions of 12 other important localities, under the heading: Other important National Geological Localities.
These localities were potential GeoSites during the process of selection. There are all together ca. 200 National Danish Geological Localities.