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Theme 1: Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary

The Cretaceous Palaeogene boundary (also known as the Cretaceous - Tertiary boundary) is a worldwide marker, which coincides with one of the most conspicuous and abrupt changes in the fauna of the earth.
The localities in Denmark present the boundary in a variety of unique sedimentological successions and are among the most studied in the world.

Teme C-T_Stevns_Malling  

Photo: Ole Malling, The Cretaceous - Palaeogene boundary (Danish Nature and Forestry Agency)

Eight GeoSites are included in this theme

Stevns Klint (GS 1-1) is the main GeoSite. 

Note: Stevns is a key GeoSite within both Theme 1 and 2!

All the other 7 locations within Denmark, which expose the boundary, are supplementary GeoSites to Theme 2. The supplementary GeoSites expose the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary in other, generally more micritic facies, than at Stevns, and in some of the locations there is less hiatus at the boundary.

Sites in Northern Jutland
Nye Kl�v (GS 1-2)
Kj�lby Gaard (GS 1-3)
Bjerre (GS 1-4)
Vokslev (GS 1-5)
Erslev (GS 1-6)

Site in Eastern Jutland
Dania (GS 1-7)

Site in Zealand
Karlstrup (GS 1-8)

At present there is a collective description of the supplementary GeoSites only: se below.

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