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Froeslev Plantage

Theme: Soils and klimpers (wet sand dunes)  

Locality: Fr�slev
Description of a Danish GeoSite

Klimpe at Froeslev.
Photo: Klimpe topography in Froeslev, by P. Gravesen.

Primary identification

1. GeoSite no.:
GS - 11-1.

2. National locality no.:
NGI - 111.

3. GeoSite name:
Froeslev plantage.

4. Location:
Denmark, S�nderjylland (Southern Jutland).

5. Co-ordinates UTM:
System ED50, Zone 32, x=520425, y=6076951

6. Type of locality:

Primary geological features

7. Main topic:
The genesis of the Klimpe landform.

8. Geo(morpho)logy:
The main pedology in this outwash plain, covered with aeolian dune sand, just west of the main stationary line for the Weichselian Ice age is podzolization, and the area is characterized by well developed podzols, some with strongly cemented spodic horizons. I some of these thin iron pans have developed at shallow depth impeding the percolation of the precipitation water surplus, and small moorlands have developed.
Due to farming in the late iron age severe wind erosion occurred and sand from the well drained fields blew into the moorlands where it was deposited due to the wet condition and dunes with wet cores (klimpes) were developed. Several klimpes exist in Froeslev plantation. One of the Klimpes is exposed in section, in which the mor layer is dated to be about 1000 years old.

9. Frame / context:
Sedimentology, Geomorphology.

10. Chronostratigraphy:
Post glacial, South Scandinavian iron age, and Recent.

11. Primary value:
Dune landscape formed by wind erosion, pedology and farming.

12. Comparative evaluation:
The klimpers at Froeslev are prominent and well exposed as are some of the other examples, but the Froeslev klimpers are best described.

13. Comparable GeoSites:
In Denmark: Stensbaeks plantation, GS - 11-2, and Hoverdal Klitsoe, GS - 11-3.
Outside Denmark: Northern Germany and Holland.

Supplementary data in support of the locality

14. Delineation on a map:


15. Higth of the GeoSite:
2m (relative to the surroundings).

16. Area of the GeoSite:

17. Subordinate geological interests:
Temporary hanging aquifers.

18. "Non"-geo interests:
Spare time resort. Cultural history.

19. References:
C. Stenz and R.P. S�rensen (1969): Bov Sogn. Historisk Samfund for Bov Sogn.
R. P. S�rensen (1971): Iagttagelser I jyske indsander. Dansk Geologisk Forenings �rsskrift 1971: 5-26.
Gravesen, P., Jakobsen, P.R., Binderup, M. og Rasmussen, E.S., 2004. I: Binderup, M. og Holm, L. (red.). Geologisk set, Det sydlige Jylland. Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, Danmarks og Gr�nlands Geologiske Unders�gelse, Geografforlaget, s 118-121.

20. Data sources, collections:
Profile description and soil analyses are available in the Danish soil profile and analytical database at Danmarks JordbrugsForskning, Foulum.

21. Illustrations:
Photo: See top of this page and the front page to this Theme.

22. Proposers:
Dansk Geologisk Forening & Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab/H. Breuning-Madsen.

23. Description by:

24. Recommandation:
Selected to be a GeoSite.


26. Supplementary description:

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Theme: Soils and klimpers (wet sand dunes)
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